US workshops?

  • I am in the southeast and curious how these would handle heat and humidity. Also, any workshops coming to the US or area?

  • I am in the mid west (Iowa) and I am wondering how it would handle the extreme heat, then extreme cold, and the humidity.

    Also, the Loess Hills are just big piles of dust, so foundations have to be carefully planned.

    It may be cheaper here to just pay the big bucks and go with a Monolithic Dome from the Monolithic Dome institute.

    On the other hand, this seems to be super flexible system that may work for box homes too.

  • We are planning several U.S. workshops for next year. Stay tuned by joining our mailing list.

  • @domegaia

    Awesome. I look forward to a workshop. I was not looking forward to traveling to the Baja.

    A summer workshop in Minnesota - Maine or a winter workshop in Texas or Florida would be awesome.

  • Am also interested in summer workshops in Maine or NH.

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