Builder near me available • Nea Ionia, MAGNESIA, Greece

  • Hello everyone. Just signed up. I'm very interested to build & own this type of building. I live in Greece, Most buildings here are made of concrete and marble. They are very energy consuming when one nedds heat in winter & they are very damp to live in. I am not happy with this type of construction. Further the few plots that are available for purchase, the building codes do not allow prefabrecated homes. When I came across this type of construction materials, No one here can say no tovthis. So, please if someone can get in touch with me regarding a technician who can be located to help building this type of home for me here in Greece. Do let me know.

  • Workshop Instructor

    Give me a call...I have experience and can send you in the right direction...
    (415) 939-5237

  • Great, I will be contacting very soon.

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