Hosting Workshop in Central Florida

  • Hello all, my name is Brendon. I am the projector director of Kenor International. I would like to inquire on how we can host a workshop in the Central Florida area to accommodate the large volume of interest into this area.

    Thank you, God bless.

  • Hello Brendon,

    Thank you for your interest in hosting a Domegaia workshop!

    We are currently not accepting Host Applications as we are booked until August 2018 but please stay tuned for all important announcements through the Domegaia mailing list here: [].

    We look forward to collaborating with you in the future!

    The Team @ Domegaia

  • Hi this is David. I'm in South FL and I've been inspired to learn to create these beautiful temples, if there are any projects in the making nearby please feel and encouraged to contact me :D I'd love to help and learn to develop the right path to build these structures for the future.

  • Interest in orlando as wel.

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