Using Aircrete for large driveway

  • Hello....
    I was wondering about using Aircrete for a driveway.
    Has anyone done it yet? And if so, what are your thoughts on that.
    I'm making a slab 46 feet by 27 feet.

  • @CHOISELAT1 provides an indication of the psi acheivable ... some municipalities require driveways to support fire trucks, of a certain weight. Air crete may not achieve the long term compressive strength required for heavily used driveway. Driveway costs can be lowered by adding gravel of a certain size at the cement plant. Also, Porous driveways can be achieved, with thicker cement ratios, and larger gravel sizes. The porous driveways help to reduce rain water runoff if done properly and kept clean of dirt.

  • I am just starting to learn about Aircrete, I have ordered Little Dragon and mixer and will be experimenting in my warehouse to learn about the Aircrete process. I intend to use a little of my 40+ years of background in the concrete and cement industry to get some hard numbers on Aircrete mixes. My initial reaction to using Aircrete in a driveway would be "no way". Regardless of exposure to freeze thaw cycles Aircrete will not provide the durability, compressive strength or resistance to abrasion for that use in my opinion.

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    @tstatler Looking forward to those numbers. We all need to move this concept forward for a more affordable
    sustainable world.

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