Texas-Detailed tutorials

  • Ok saw your video, personally in my opinion I see this as nothing short of a miracle for low income folks like me that are on military disability, social security or just low income that want to purchase some small plot of land and build something on it to more self sufficient and more "off the grid" minded. Here is what I cannot find on your site. I am looking for tutorials that will show me how to build the dome like structures with air crete and how to start and finish the project. Is there any link for that, video, book, plans or do you have a set of plans that can be purchased showing basic shell costs so that a plan may be put in effect? Thank you for answering my question and I look forward to the answer, this product could not have come at a better time.

  • Hi Mike, Thank you so much for your interest in Domegaia! We are still very much in the growing stage and intend to offer more detailed online trainings and design plans, as you mentioned. There is a growing need and we are working towards fulfilling this need! In the meantime, we do offer 10-day workshops where you are equipped with the knowledge and hands-on learning to build a dome. If you are interested, learn more about our upcoming workshops at http://www.domegaia.com/upcoming-workshops.html. Aloha!

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