Pillars for foundation.

  • I'm considering using aircret too replace the rotten main beam and subfloor in two rooms at my house. If I form up and pour a wall along the load bearing walls, would aircret hold that kind of weight! Maybe jack up the floor, poor my wall then let house back down onto the poured wall


  • I'm not sure how all this works but I would like to find out how to find someone who build's these

  • I'm not sure about this, because I'm still in the research phase myself. But from what I've researched there is a company like LiteBuilt that has a 8 inch thick block they use for structural (once it has rebar and cavities filled). But they pour these at a density of 1100 kg/cubic meter. So I believe it's possible, but you'll have a much higher density. The "favorite" recipe shared on this website is an insulating recipe that should yield about 300-400 kg/cubic meter. So you'd have a pretty big jump to make to get a structural wall in place, but still significantly less than just pouring straight concrete.

    The same company has a block at 600 kg/cubic meter but I don't think they recommend that for structural use, it's more for interior walls that don't bear a load. Overall, as far as a straight pour you might have different numbers you are looking at,

    Again this is just approximations based on my research, it would be much better to get a response from someone with real experience.

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