• Is it possible to make 20m3 over 5hrs continuously with the Current equipment

  • Our Green Dragon (continuous aircrete mixer) produces 10 gallons/minute. We stopped selling GD because it was challenging to adjust the mixture, but we've improved it and plan to reintroduce it before too long.

    Or you can batch mix with our Little Dragon and Foam Injection Mixer. It's slower but gives a precision mixture every time.
    You can also use Little Dragon with a conventional horizontal shaft paddle mixer.
    Drum mixers don't work because the foam wants to float on top.

  • "our Little Dragon and Foam Injection Mixer. It's slower but gives a precision mixture every time"
    What is the proportion that the Little dragon uses in the mixing process?
    Is it adjustable?
    That information is included in the Little Dragon Manual?

  • 40/1 water/foam agent
    The density of the foam is adjusted with the pressure regulator. More air pressure = less dense. LD comes with instructions.

  • Which is/will cost less to buy, The LD or the GD?
    And what is more effective if I want to make smaller batches here and there?
    Like if I want to make a furnace. And I get other people interested in what I'm going to be doing and they want me to make them a furnace.
    That's what I mean by here and there.
    But one day I do plan on making a home with the equipment.
    By the way what is better for a furnace, more or less air pressure? Like very very close to 2000 °C

  • Our new Green Dragon isn't available yet. We're in the process of upgrading it, but not sure when the it will be available.

    The Little Dragon is available and you will need Little Dragon to feed foam to the upgraded Green Dragon.

    Little Dragon is our stand along continuous foam generator designed to feed foam into our foam injection AirCrete batch mixer and our new Green Dragon. Little Dragon has a built-in air pressure regulator with a dial indicator that makes it very easy to adjust and monitor. It’s easy to produce consistent foam of the proper density to make good quality AirCrete.

    Little Dragon can be use to batch mix AirCrete with our foam-injection mixer or a drill attached to a mixing paddle. Batch mixing means mixing the exact quantity of ingredients together in a barrel one batch at a time.

    Batch mixing is the preferred method for small projects. It gives a precision mixture every time.

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