Aircrete for footer?

  • I am building a log cabin and plan to have a basement underneath. What I'm looking at is approximately 20, 94 pound bags of Portland cement for the volume of footer - approx 100 linear feet at 16"x 8" deep - yes, that's only about 15, but I have a few other needs as well - vs 168, 80 bags of sakcrete. No, I can't get a truck up there as it is on top of a fairly steep hill, and I had planned on taking the generator, mixer, 168 bags, and over 200 gallons of water up the hill with a quad and trailer in many, many trips.

    This works out to, generously, 20 bags of cement, and roughly 140 gallons of water and a few miscellaneous bits and pieces. Yes, the genny still has to go up but that's ok.

    I am just curious if this would work? I would be willing to spend the small-ish amount extra for basalt rebar also for the reinforcement (rather than steel rebar) and considering that basalt rebar is also lighter than steel, there is another win!

    I hope that discovering this alternative to 168 bags (that's 4 pallets- or slightly more than 3 yards) of sakcrete is the reason I didn't manage to even begin to pour the footers this last summer.

    A bit more info is that on top of these footers, I will be dry stacking CMUs (commonly referred to as Cinder block). If I could replace those with cast aircrete block that would also be a big help, too. So and info on that would be greatly appreciated. Remember, tho, that there are going to be logs stacked on top of all this (actually 6x8 or 6x10 square timbers up to about 7' above the flooring)

    Thanks in advance for the info

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