I am also interested to know aircretes stability in cold and damp climates, (Ireland).

  • I am also interested in knowing the answer to this question. I live in Idaho and I would like to build an Aircrete Dome home. Based on my reading it sounds like the material will likely hold up well. However, I would like to get confirmation of that from someone who has more experience with it (not just reading data sheets).

    Additionally I read that there may be concerns on the need for additional insulating due to the colder temperatures that are experienced here over the winters (especially hard winters like the recent one).

    Yes I read the R-Value section of the FAQs, but I have not seen any of these homes anywhere in this style of climate so I can't compare what I read to a real world example.

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    I plan to build a dome in Colorado and from information I read on the R value my plan is to make my walls 12 inches thick for the insulation layer that will be on top of my 4 inch structural layer. I do know airkrete is used for insulation and that is a Magnesium based cement that is poured into wall cavities. It is made the same way as Aircrete.

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  • @Talyn71 Hi! It's been a while since you posted. Did you build a dome house in Colorado? I'm also in Colorado and am wondering how it worked out. Thanks!

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