California dome house

  • Hello, my husband and I are VERY interested in building a done house in California. In order to build any structure on your property here that is larger than 140 SQ feet (which would be a little to small for us and our baby), you have to get blueprints from a certified architect in order to get a permit to build legally.

    Do you do blueprints? If you do, we would be able to proceed!

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    Hi Cmonk,
    I'm currently waiting for my structural engineering plans to be ready. It is designed to meet building codes in Colorado. I have the floor plans you can see, it is a 3 bedroom design with the master bedroom on the second floor . If you're interested in my dome home design I would sell them to you to help me with the expence. I paid $2,853.00 I would give you a better deal. The YouTube video will show you the process I'm going to use to build.
    Which will be to create a reinforced structural layer first then to apply a 12 inch aircrete layer on top of that.
    0_1506907737961_Dome Floor Plan.jpg
    Youtube Video

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    @Talyn71 Did those plans get approved?