Seeking builder/team leader for ongoing projects in Montezuma Costa Rica (must speak Spanish)

  • Hey it's Joseph.

    I did a teacher training with domegaia and helped at several workshops and lead my own in Michigan.

    I have a retreat center in costa rica and organic farm and would like to start several aircrete projects. Since I don't have enough time to do it on my own, I'm looking for an aircrete builder who could manage small teams of employees, volunteers and/or students for a few ongoing projects at our farm including an aircrete open air bath house with aircrete hot tub, aircrete composting toilets, an aircrete castle over top of shipping containers and possibly a few small private domes. I'll be involved often but not full time. It's best if you have some management skills and speaking Spanish is a must. The projects can start right away and could last probably till sept (2021) at least. I already have the basic gear a good set of tools and a 1 nice block form. This could be a position for someone long term if it works out well and you were interested to be part of our community. It's not initially a high paid position but we could partner in leading several workshops and create decent income. I'll probably be teaching tree house and bamboo construction workshops if you wanted to be involved with those also. you can check out our farm at I'm excited to co-create!

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