British Columbia Canada Cold Weather Builds - Foundations, Insulation and Wall Thicknesses

  • As a retiree, I could see such a great potential in building a very unique designed home in the interior of BC Canada. The design would of course require the proper footings for initial foundation walls and then the forming of the wall which could be in single pour vertical straights, curves, angles and right up to and including a formed roof design.

    My idea home would not be large as I am only one, so the sky would be the limit. The crucial thing would be the approval of the Building Inspectors to approve the structural integrity and I'm sure it would baffle them up

    Any input would be greatly appreciated as I am a craftsman, metal fabricator, woodworker, artist, builder, musician and basically a jack-of-all-trades so the challenges I would imagine would be extremely unique and challenging. What really sparks my interest is the "single pour" configuration and what a fantastic concept that is I have to say! The structural strength yet the lite-weightlessness of the material is phenomenal.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated to be discussed. Thank-you......Paulee

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    My next build test will be a Single-pour dome using airforms. I hope to try an 8 foot Single-pour dome in the next few weeks. You can see my first airform build test here.

  • @Talyn71 I've watched several of your videos and appreciate the information I've been able to learn. Based on what you know, how well do you think the Aircrete will hold up to a hard Idaho winter (or would you be able to speculate on that)?

    I'm specifically interested in how well it will insulate the home.

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