Plastic reo

  • Reo Plastic as in road manufacturing , back in the old days before poly tanks, water tanks in the bush were made from chicken wire and render, and they lasted. Some cow cockies would mix the render as low as 14 to 1, must of been the shape of the circle that saved them, it was always the wire rusting that got em.
    Anyway, they use this stuff under roads, it's like the high vis safety barrier , you put it down on top of your Geofabric or down first, it's like a plastic net but super strong. IT WONT RUST .
    Even if you just used safety barrier, there must heaps of that stuff around government is so wasteful, there's different grades, not the one that looks like plastic sheet with little squares stamped in it. I'm talking about the one that's Criss crossed, looks like some alien spider web, strong enough to be used as cargo netting.
    What about shade cloth, that's what we call it in Australia , woven poly something, on commercial building sites it's used to line the scaffold for safety then dumped because it cannot be used again . You yanks probably use something twice as wasteful, sorry I meant strong.
    Years ago I worked with pise domestic and commercial projects, we had a French Architect with us who worked all around the world for UN and explained to me, reo was death to rammed earth, the earth moves around the reo. Surprisingly the engineers wanted to use it one site but became convinced not to.
    BASF make a concrete additive, it's like chopped strand fibre glass, about a handful to 20kg of cement, how would that go in the mixing process? They use it here in pumping, the only draw back if you work it too much your Finnish is hairy.
    Plastic is so easy to form, roll it in to a tube or lay it over your dome. I'm sorry I'm just so excited about cellular concrete, circles and domes, unfortunately we have this thing called compliance, BUT the gods of red tape allow mud bricks where we live so there's still hope.
    Just a thought on the domes, if you make a mould for your dome ie compound triangle that is repeated in a pattern, hope I got that right, that would allow one to weave tie down rod galvanised, in the joins, well not all the joins if you wanted, wouldn't that make the engineers happy .
    The edges could be formed to allow for additional concrete to be poured later to encapsulate the rod, I hope this some food for thought, if you any issues please post!
    Just realised you can add photos, these will follow soon

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