Dome block forms

  • Hello! I was wondering if there are any resources on how to build forms for the individual curved blocks that make up a dome. Thanks!

  • Hi Jack
    I can help you with the design of the form, an how to make it. I need to know more about your intentions, such as size, how durable you want the form, how many forms you want, and your skills if you want to build them yourself.
    Glad to help, in return I like to know what you learned in the building process. Cheers

  • Major Contributor

    This is exactly the question I was thinking. Might I be able to get assistance with this also?

    I want to make a 16 foot dome as well as a 10' dome. Insulation is top priority, but I do want to build a perch on top of one dome like Steve's dome able to support 400 pounds(2 people).

    Thank you, Daniel

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    I am building 21' dia. Nubian domes. Think the shape of the large half of an egg. 4" thick blocks, fabric wrap with earth plaster inside. Probably 6"x6". I would really like a form which created the horz/vert angles but since I received the Aircrete "mortar" formula just using square cut blocks as shown by dome Gaia might work as well. My thought is that if I have the angles I would use less material. I will be documenting all of my procedure so anyone helping can benefit as well. I suppose it will end up being cost/benefit. I know there are some smart innovative souls in the forum. So throw out some ideas for all to tweak.

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