Mini batches

  • Is there any way to mix mini-batches of AC for insulation for testing purposes?

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    Yes! All you have to do is divide your ingredients. The recipe calls for 7 gallons of water to one 94 lbs of cement in a 50 gallon drum. What you should change is the mixing container instead of a 50 gallon mixing container use a 60 gallon. You will be adding more foam to your cement, to make it lighter. The 94 Lbs stays the same and the 7 gallons of water stays the same. start with dividing it by 4 for your test. So you will be using 23.5 Lbs of cement 1.75 gallons of water mix it in a 15 gallon container and fill with foam as you mix. If you want to make it lighter and more insulating move up to a 20 gallon mixing container.

  • Thanks again for this useful information Talyn71

  • What i like to do is simple math and divide by 10. 94lbs of cement becomes 9.4 (and you can buy 10lb bags at true value hardware in states). 7 gallons water becomes .7 gallons water. 50 Gallons foamed becomes 5gallons foamed. So there is a mini batch. This still requires same density foam.

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