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  • I am considering attending one of the workshops, but I would like to verify that what I want to do is possible. I would like a 400 +/- square foot dome, maybe 22-23 ft in diameter with arches all the way around. Since I will be making it mostly by myself I don't want the added labor of pouring blocks and then setting the blocks, I would rather make steel forms and pour it in place. In the main video it shows arches being poured all in one place. My question is can I pour the entire dome with three forms and not use any blocks?

    My plan would be to use steel to weld up three different forms one for the arches that go all the way around, one for the triangle shape part of the dome that fills in between the arches, and one for the top of the dome. If done this way, assuming a 16 foot tall dome and 8 foot arches the vertical application of the aircrete would be 8 feet. If I use the best foaming agent will 8 feet of pressure effect the structure negatively. If the pressure causes a denser aircrete mix on the lower areas is that a bad thing? It seems the areas were a denser, stronger mix would be needed would be the lower areas and lite on the top.

    PS I am a welder and a licensed civil engineer and will have access to heavy equipment for lifting materials in place.

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    I think the system I was testing will work for you as well using dome airform. Check out my dome playlist on YouTube. My next test build will be to pour just aircrete instead of first making a concrete layer than adding aircrete as in the video. And to get the 16 foot height I would just do two pours 8 foot at a time. You could have the pouring done in a day if you start early let the first layer cure for about 14 hours than do the second pour.
    Youtube Video

  • With a size this small why not do a single pour arch home? A long arch with home inside. Has anyone done this with aircrete?

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    Inflatable form is the least labor intensive way to go i believe.
    To test if the air-crete stands up to the height, Use a form as high as the top of the construction, 16 Ft in your case, for example a box of 4" square and pour the test mix in this. Test the bottom but the same way you test the top bit and you know the difference.

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