Optimizing for minimum density, maxium insulation.

  • I'm about to buy little dragon. I have at least 2 applications where the lightest weight and highest insulation are important. It is not structural at all. Is there a tweak to make it the lowest density possible?

    i.e. all my theories brain dumped here:
    use some fiber, superplasticiser, shreaded Roxul, chopped straw, lots more foam, allow concrete to set a bit before adding the foam, adding peroxide or aluminum powder using club soda instead of water, CO2 or other gas around the curing area or in the compressor.

    Has anyone attempted to find the minimum density yet? Seems like allied foam tech claims Foamed cement at densities as low as 50 kg/m3 (3 pcf ).

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    You for sure do not want to use superplasticizer I have done that before and it collapse the bubbles. All you need to do is add more foam. What you can try as a test is. With a half a bag of cement 47 lbs mix with 3.5 gallons of water in a 50 gallon drum and fill to the top with foam. You want to use 3 lbs density foam(fill 5 gallon bucket with foam and weight it). That will give you a much lighter foam for insulation. if you want to go lighter cut the cement and water in half again and fill 50 gallon drum to the top with foam. You can get an idea from this video.

    Youtube Video

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    I used a different mix in this video I was trying something with sand. You wont have the same brittleness as in the video. This is just for an idea.

  • Great thank you for the reply and the effort you put into your videos.

    I do know some industrial foaming folks use pure nitrogen vs air for their foam creation due it being inert and if you've ever had Guiness, you know the foam is different. (much smaller bubbles). it might be a fun experiment since i have some nitrogen tanks from brewing so I'd just need to rig up some duct tape manifold on my compressor. I really am curious about the lower limit of density. I'll try some experiments and contribute my findings.

    I have a specialty mushroom farm and my mycelium blocks when totally tried out are super light and make great insulation. I think I might build some blocks with really dried out versions as the core with air crete around them thick enough to have some strength.

  • Might also want to consider MgO cement - that seems to be a preferred product for the low density materials !?

  • Two great ideas using a Nitrogen & Magnesium...
    much better product Magnesium should repel water

    Great work ! How do I get involved ?


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