Workshop Opportunities, But The Tutorials forum section is empty

  • I see in the Product area of Domegaia that Workshops are available and the pricing. Also, questions have been asked about Workshops in the continental U.S., particularly the Southeast, Midwest, Upper Midwest, and in Maine. These are great and I look forward to learning more about these as they become available.

    There is a Tutorials section of this forum area, but no entries. I was hoping to see some basic posts with Tutorials on various topics being available without posting the whole Workshop curriculum. I could not find a way to post an entry in the Tutorials section so I felt Workshops was the next best area to draw attention. I myself am interested in a Tutorial of some basic design considerations.

    I have been sketching some ideas incorporating overlapping domes and also using a double envelope construction with an outer shell encompassing the inner shells. If that would be a topic to start getting entries in the Tutorial section that would be great.

    Thank you in advance.

  • @Doc Not necessarily answering myself, but I did want to say, THANK YOU, for starting some Tutorial posts. The Tutorial forum section is no longer empty! Yeah!

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