Snow loads

  • I would love to put one of these on a site just north of Spokane Washington. Any feedback from winter use? We may get 5 or 6 feet of snow.

  • @clyde Hi Clyde, AirCrete has an inherent insulative property. For each inch of thickness it has an R value of 2. Also, domes naturally distribute weight evenly, and spheres have the strongest structural integrity of any shape. In theory, a dome would hold up very well in a harsh winter. That being said, we haven't yet built a dome that has needed to fight the winter. In August we built a dome in Olympia WA where the yearly average snowfall is about 12". After this winter we will have a better idea of how our domes hold up to the cold. Check in with us again in March and we will have more than a theoretical answer. Aloha!

  • I'd be interested in the insulative value, with a specific issue of temperatures in Vermont occasionally reaching -20 Fahrenheit.

  • Little Dragon Tamer Major Contributor

    the r value of an 8inch thick wall is 18..

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