Concrete foundation / PAD

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    Sorry if this topic has been covered, I have looked and tried to search but did not see the information.

    Number one question, after 28 days of curing is the Aircrete strong enough to hold the weight of a car? This is not why I am pouring Aricrete pads, foot traffic is my heaviest concern. But wanted to know if it could hold the weight. I see blocks on youtube holding car weight but wanted to post the question out loud.

    I want to pour a concrete foundation / PAD from Aircrete. I have done a little preliminary math, but also have some questions. I plan on dropping a fenceing into these pads for extra strength, they call them cattle panels where we live.

    Concrete foundation / PAD
    Aircrete Pad 18X21 at 5 inches deep.

    1 Yard of concrete @ 5 inches covers 65 Sq FT (
    1 Yard of concrete is roughly 202 gallons (
    45 gallons The little dragon makes about per 94lb bag
    10$ 94lb bag Portland cement
    “Mix a 94lb bag of cement to make 45 gallons of AirCrete in a few minutes.” Saying 5 minutes after watching the videos on youtube

    18X21 = 378 Sq FT
    378/65 = 5.81 Yards needed. Rounding up to 6 yards
    202/45 = 4.48 barrels and 4.48 bags on Portland needed to make 1 Yard of aircrete, rounding up to 5
    56 = 30 barrels and Portland needed
    30*5=150/60= 2.5 hours to mix and pour rounding up to 3 hours work

    Seem reasonable? Am I off here?

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