Order problem, missing little dragon, have mixer machine not kit. Order No. 996375806

  • Hi, I am wondering if there is a problem with my order.
    I got an email stating that both had been shipped but the tracking number only lists one box.
    I checked the box and only the mixer itself is there the mixer parts and the little dragon DIY kit are not there.
    Order No. 996375806

  • Hi again,
    Can someone please figure out this problem. The only tracking number I have was for 1 package only and that was the mixer which was delivered. I don't have the little dragon.

  • @EarthDigger Hi Jacques, It actually seems that we missed shipping your Little Dragon. We will ship it out in the coming days when our shipping manager is back in the office. We are happy to refund you 20% of the cost to compensate for the mishap. I hope this helps. Please email me directly at info@domegaia.com if you have any further concerns or questions. Aloha.

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