forms for making blocks

  • Can you purchase the forms for making the blocks with air crete?

  • We keep improving our method for making blocks. I don't recommend forms for individual block. Too much work to make, oil and clean the forms. It's much easier to make a large slab and cut it into blocks with a cookie cutter. We're preparing to slice a 2' deep block into 4" blocks with a wire at the Hawaii workshop. Fresh AirCrete is very easy to cut.

  • On one of your videos, you had a form with about 12 bricks to be made at one time and then they pushed them out of the form the net day. They made curved bricks for the arched house. Do you have specs for that or can one purchase that form? I have just heard about this and am looking to make a structure on my property. I am not sure that dome (which I love) will work in the mountains of SW Virginia.

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