aircrete for hobbit hole!

  • I am thinking about making a 'hobbit hole' style building, i am thinking of making a dome then covering it in soil and planting over it. would your aircrete be a good material to form the dome with (obviously with some reinforcing steel or similar)? would it cope with the weight of soil above it? would it deteriorate faster than other materials? shotcrete for example? i am an artist and would like to make something artistically interesting!

  • Yes me too ...looking forward to a reply ....depending where you are codes for that might be an issue ...the back fill weight will need to be greatly considered

  • Same curiosity here. I've worked on earthships and cob structures, and the berm is obviously considered a heavy weight, and the structural integrity of the walls to hold the berm up must be highly considered. An aircrete structure, rounded in the shape of a dome, that definitely has positive levels in the structural integrity department, but berming behind/around a dome of aircrete, I can't say.

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