Larger slab molds?

  • I saw on one of your videos something about molds to create entire sections of wall rather than individual brick. Now I don't see anything about them. Did it turn out to be less sound, or do you plan to start selling molds or make a video on how to make the molds?

  • We've explored many ways of making blocks and forms for arches, and round windows etc. We're preparing to do a single pour fabric form at the Hawaii workshop. We'll publish a report after the event.
    The best way to make blocks is to cut up a slab with a big cookie cutter.
    Youtube Video

    Pour a slab the thickness of your intended wall thickness. Slice it into blocks after it has set up over night.
    Forms for individual blocks require more investment in time and money to make. Then you have to clean them and oil them between each pour.
    The slicing method is much better.

  • Click the link text in the previous message to see a short video of the cookie cutter method

  • @hajjargibran This is good, but I was referring to a part of one of your videos where you said there would be another video forthcoming on how to make archway molds or curved wall molds. I mean, I know that it will involve the metal bender and wood forms to make, but I am wondering if the bender comes with instructions on how to make different sized arches for the inner part of the mold, and are you making the wood arches by boiling or steaming the wood, or some other method?

  • We're working on a video about using Bender to make arches, round windows and oval doorways. We'll be doing all those at the upcoming workshops. We intend to video record the processes and then make them available.

  • Looking forward to seeing those videos!

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