Want to build ASAP in South Point, Big Island--need advice--thanks!

  • Hi, I just joined your site and cruised the forum looking for info on aircrete panels for home in South Point, which is subject to strong earthquakes. I would like to build a more traditional house, garage, and horse stable complex in a u-shape around a central garden courtyard. Depending on costs, may need to start with just the house. I have no experience with aircrete, but love the idea if it is earthquake proof. I saw one video that appeared to be from China which said that they are earthquake proof.
    I would like to go with a Spanish style in some aspects. Would love a blue tile roof! I know tile roofs are heavy and need strong infrastructure. I have also seen the fake tile panels which are cheaper and lighter.
    I do want to be fully permitted.
    This house will be off grid. Catchment is a real necessity. Would love to have a water tank of like materials if that is possible.
    The area is fire-prone, so another reason for aircrete. Winds are strong.
    Are there crews on the Big Island who can help with this building project?
    I looked into SIPs a while back, but they seemed prohibitively expensive, and finding crews that understand the construction also seemed to be a problem.
    Please send cost estimates for a house of about 800sf.
    Thank you!

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