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    Good afternoon Hajjar. I discovered your website a number of days ago and I must say that I am very inspired. I see that the 5 months ago the Green Dragon mixer was not yet available. I have seen a number of YouTube videos with people using one so I am hoping that you are selling these by now.
    I am from Canada (16 degrees Fahrenheit today, wishing I was in Hawaii today and our winter is only beginning). Do you ship your equipment up to Canada?

  • @suprdav Hello! Hajjar is working on improving the design of the Green Dragon so it will not be available for some time. We definitely ship our equipment to Canada! Thank you for your interest in Domegaia. Aloha!

  • Thanks for your quick reply. i would like to order the little dragon and the mixer to start with. might possibly order a bender in the future when they become available. like I mentioned in a previous post, i am from Canada. I don't know if you are aware of it or not, but our currency exchange rate is at $0.79 so it costs us an extra 27% to order from the US.
    Can you give a discount on these two units to help out with the costs of exchange?
    What are the shipping costs to Canada?

  • @suprdav The shipping costs to Canada are generated in our online store check out once you've entered your shipping address. Unfortunately we do not offer discounts for the exchange rate. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Regards,

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