Radiant heating in Aircrete floor.

  • Has anyone put Radiant heating in Aircrete floors yet ...i want to pour a couple of aircrete floor forms in Ontario Canada near Coburn 1 hr from Toronto and Put up a couple of 20 foot Cheyenne style traditional fire certified Tee Pees on them ...the radiant heat could help make the Tee Pees more comfortable for those who are not used to the outdoors.

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    Radiant heating will not work with Aircrete. You want thermal mass for a radiant floor Aircrete is an insulator the heat will not come up.

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    @Talyn71 this old post was good answer to a current question I have pondered thankyou :)

  • True. it won't work on this flooring. Radiant floor heat is an energy efficient and cleaner way of heating your home. We are planning to install it and are looking for the best flooring options that we may try. We are planning to contact the http://allweekheating.com/hvac-heating-repair-service-north-central-nj.html professional to tell us what we may do in the minimum cost.

  • I intend to use hydronic radiant floor heat using PEX piping on some foamcrete slabs I'm planning.

    Do you intend to just stick with concrete floors, or are you going to be installing a different flooring material over it? If you're going to use a different flooring material, you can install a floating floor over the existing slab. Lots of systems designed for that purpose.

    If you're just planning on sticking with concrete/foamcrete floors, I would think that the best approach would be to pour the foamcrete pad, lay down the grid for the radiant system, and then do a pour of self-leveling concrete over the top of that, which you can dye/stain/seal/epoxy however you want (this is my plan).

    Another benefit of this is that you can come back and add this at any time, so if budget constraints prevent you from adding it during the initial construction phase, it's no big deal. Add it when budget allows.

    And, of course, yet another benefit of the foamcrete slab is that it will serve as an insulator between the radiant floor heat source, and the ground, significantly reducing ground loss. Win/win/win.

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    I can't see why not using a earth based mixed with P. cement floor couldn't work. Bonding agent and thermal mass....Any thoughts?

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    @ignachos I helped build a radiant floor using pure earthen plaster. It's fabulous. If I were to attempt it now I think I would use a base layer of aircrete like @wrenchmonkey is talking about. I imagine cutting grooves into the aircrete and laying the tubes in the grooves.

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