Recycled plastic beams and reinforcing rods

  • Domegaia workshop @ Finca Luna Nueva

    Gentlemen and Ladies,
    Thank you for the early bird offer to attend your workshopi at Finca Luna Nueva,Costa Rica. I would love to attend!

    Just recently, a group was formed here in Rio Claro, Pavones, Cosra Rica.The group, Pavones Recycle, , is dedicated to finding solutions to the plastic trash problem here in Pavones,surrounding communities , Costa Rica ,and Hopefuly globally. In a very short time we have discovered many possibilities , one which I would like to present to you today, here in these two videos.
    The idea is to produce from recycled plastic, beams and reinforcement rods to meet your specifications ,and lock them into the aircrete in your dome structures. If this seems like it would be a good fit, I will be happy to work on getting you the materials. Putting them together in three months for your workshop in April is a very ambitious task ,but might be possible, and very realistic for your next Workshop.

    Thank you again for the early bird discount offer ,and for considering my proposal of integrating recycled plastic reinforcing rods and beams into your structures and workshops. Unfortunately, I am unable to come up with the funds, at this time, as it is more than 6 months of living expenses for me. Regardless, I would like to continue to work on providing you with recycled plastic beams and rods.

    Sincerely ,

    Brent Bourdeaugg

  • @brentzdentz Hi Brent, Thank you so much for reaching out to us. Please see our response in email! Aloha

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