Simple stuff

  • Just received the Little Dragon today, and put it together. Got the Hand mixer a couple weeks ago, and that is assembled, too. It is currently about 30 degrees Fahrenheit, or just under 0 Celcius, so we're in no hurry to get started. But, just wondering what the PVC clamps on top are for? Is that to hold the hand mixer when not in use? And, do I need to find a 5-gal bucket that this fits on snugly? I have several, but have not tried any, yet. Thanks, and very excited to get started.

  • If the clamps you are talking about are on top of the domed cover, then they are for holding the foam wand. If you are pumping straight into the hand mixer you are not using the hand wand and thus the clamps are kind of useless.

    As to a a secure fitting bucket. Any bucket will do. I a have my littler dragon mounted on the 5 gallon lid that can in the kit and then mounted that lid to a 32 gallon trash can lid so I don't have to refill my buckets as often.

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