Green Dragon continuous mixer

  • When can we buy one of these? do not see it offered in the store.

  • Hey so I just see the little dragon and plans for it. But I do not see the green dragon continuos mixer package or plans sale item. Is that no longer being sold or used. I need to purchase the unit or plans, the little dragon doesn’t seem like a unit that will fit my needs as well for larger molds and the speed is slower with more back work. Can someone answer that for me. I have gone to all links and only see the little dragon unit for sale or plans for sale. I’m looking for the full size green dragon as I’ve seen it called. Thanks!!

  • They sold it for a while and it had issues with maintaining a mixture that was consistent. So they are redesigning the machine. It has been said in other posts that the new green dragon will need the little dragon to operate. So if you need a bigger mixer you have to build your own.

  • Thanks for the reply info Von Vest. Bummer to hear that the original constant flow aircrete make did not work as intended. Sad because being new to the site you’d think that the make would have changed the site to not revert use this truth. From my view the new little dragon is slower and more work physically and I preferred the design of the less maintenance higher volume making larger aircrete dragon maker. I wish the maker would move into creating a better system that doesn’t just mix up a tub of mix. Less efficient in my mind but I see how it’s better for quality control and mix control. Just sadly is more work and puts more work on me physically now instead of poring out the end into buckets to have a team to help me fill molds and casts. I want to make much larger forms for my house structure in pieces as you see happening in Europe and Australia. But this method just would suffice how I see it. I wish to see the owner and created take the little dragon and finally work on making it more automotive for larger scale batches more quickly as the original dragon mixer did. I hope he comments on this, but I guess I shouldn’t expect it. I really looked forward to this and even would have paid all the money for it since the state don’t really have anything smaller than full size industrial cellular concrete machinery. But they don’t construct buildings like overseas much yet which is a pitty. Most use aircrete with other premise sctructures which then make the aircrete less the main form and structure, butbyet more like the insulation that happens to be stronger. There’s my two cents. Bummed until I see and hear more. Wish they would update the site better about the promo videos he has out there.

  • Well like I said he has redesigned the green dragon and is testing it. The problem with the original green dragon came from the difficulty to control consistent density. If the density changes to much you can get really bad results in terms of structure quality. I too want to make larger buildings and would enjoy not batch mixing.

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