Earthen dome home community project/development in New Mexico.

  • Architect/Designer - I would like to discuss with someone at your team, regarding a large scale 'community' project/development in New Mexico.
    The project is in planning and design phase. The conceptual marketing package is underway, the land is ready for purchase, and investment package/website, etc, is also within a month to 6 weeks from completion. We are looking at 30 dwellings, a mix of Aircrete domes and Earth bag domes. This property will be developed as a prototype of living earth, perma-culture development, and it would be great to communicate directly with someone knowledgeable at your team, as the project will require pioneers, like yourselves, especially in the first phase. The project would span 3 years, and 3 phases, and will be a rapid process of construction. With a mix of workshops and paid labour.
    Looking forward to your connection. This is a truly divinely guided project, and I am simply a vessel for such, and I was guided to make contact today. Much Blessings,
    Paul Richardson.
    Barch, Dipp II

  • @Mandtoaproject said in Earthen dome home community project/development in New Mexico.:

    Paul Richardson.
    Barch, Dipp II

    I've been mulling this idea for a while and your project description interests me. I am beginning the transition to Life 3.0 after the CPA and academic versions and looking to relocate somewhere drier and warmer again. I would like some more information on your proposed project in New Mexico and how I might participate. I am not involved with dome gaia homes, but their apparent low cost design structure is quite appealing. I wonder what their long term durability and heat dissipation/insulation characteristics are, especially when blended with other materials. I grew up in an adobe home and it was durable, warm at night, and cool during the day. Nice.
    Steven Thornburg, Ph.D. CPA

  • Hi.
    If you want please email me direct at
    I can share some further information.
    Best Regards,

  • How is the project coming along. I might be able to visit and lend a hand. Thanks JW

  • Hello Paul,
    I am a RE Developer living in NM and interested in building a Gaia dome community center for a project I am developing. I would be interested in learning more about your project and sharing notes. I can see some great benefits using this technology.
    Warmest regards,

  • @jeanniewatson10
    Hello Jeannie,

    I tried to reach you in Linked-In as had problem wih password for this forum as I have not been on here in a some time. It would be great to connect and chat, I will be in NM next month, so seems synchronistic you connected with me at this time. ) You can reach directly at

  • @Mandtoaproject I am interested in learning more about building aircrete homes - we live in Taos and would be happy to build a few small houses on our land so people can learn about Aircrete. We live 10 miles from the earthship community.

    Thanks for connecting


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