Multi block Triangular curved form for casting dome blocks

  • In one of the videos about the Areen house Mr. Gibran says that a form had been developed to pour the curved blocks seen in the video. The blocks are triangular and the form made approximately 8 blocks approx 4" thick and appearing to be approximately 18 inches on each side. Is this form, or instructions or plans available or it? This was in the video on the home page called Aircrete Dome Homes narrated by Mr. Gibran. I would love to have these forms or plans/instructions for making them even if they are not in use now. Help!

  • Hello, we are not currently using the curved forms for casting blocks as Hajjar has found that they are less efficient than regular rectangular blocks. Thank you for your interest and please stay tuned for new developments. Aloha!

  • Less efficient in what way. It would seem that the labor efficiency would be very beneficial. Surely some one has perfected this.

  • Hi Domegaia team
    I have an idea to join triangular panels together without having to use a frame to hold them up while building. I have tested this idea on a wooden panels, and it works well.

    The panel has 2 loops sticking out of each side. When the panels are placed against each other a pointed tapered bolt is screwed into the loops and pulls the panels together. The bolt head is below the surface, and will be sealed.
    The panel is cast in a mold, The loops go trough the panel to the other side, thus also acting as re-inforcing.
    Has anyone done this ?
    If anyone is interested in testing this design, please contact me and I assist where I can

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