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  • Hello.
    I have some questions about the chart info here at

    Looking at the Ingredients sections it has lbs and kgs. I work in both the old measurement systems and in metric. When looking at the this chart section the conversions don't work out. For example in Cement in the first column it says 15.8 lbs or 250 kgs
    Well, 15.8 lbs is about 7.2 kgs but here they list 250kgs. Am I misunderstanding the chart or is there errors in there like it appears to be?

    Thanks !

  • Hello again.
    Never mind guys as I see the ingredient quantities is for different sized units. The imperial measurements are for a ft3 size while the metric ones are for a m3 size. There are about 35.3 ft3 to a M3 so it's just a bit confusing when you look at it in this format.

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