Aircrete Dome Retreat Center

  • Hi, I'm new to this forum but have been very interested in the dome homes for a long time. I have two chronic diseases, a rare blood cancer and a crippling autoimmune that is fusing all my major joints in my body. We have formed a collective that gives people the option to treat their diseases naturally with alternative medicines, as well as natural organically grown superfoods. It is a retreat center where people can come as soon as they have been diagnosed, or have experienced a life-altering event in their life. They can stay for up to two weeks where they can unwind, collect their thoughts, be among nature, and get started on a program specifically designed for their disease and their unique body make up.

    We would like to start with 5 aircrete domes for patients. Would there be anybody here or a group of people near the Northern California/Oregon border that would be willing to help bring this project to life? It's going to be an amazing healing farm that will change the way "healthcare" is viewed. As one with diseases, the hospitals, doctors, and insurance companies have taken all of our families savings and livelihood, and actually made the diseases worse. When I walked away from the Cancer Center in my area and started using alternative methods, my blood levels began to equalize and I haven't had a treatment in almost a year (when under the care of hematologist, I was getting treatments bi-monthly and getting worse). I've never asked for help in my life and this is very difficult as a 43-year-old man with three young children, but I really believe we can help a lot of people unplug themselves from the rat race that has caused so many of the diseases that affect middle-aged healthy people...its called "STRESS" and its a killer.

    I'm not asking for hand-outs...I'm just asking that if you have a heart to help people and create an alternative natural choice, this is going to be significant. We want to start construction this summer and be open by fall of 2018. There will be a greenhouse in the middle of the retreat center that will run on wind and solar power. It will be a first of its kind bioponic system growing our crops that uses 95% less water, 100% organically used fertilizer that we make ourselves, and not only harvests food and medicine but harvests electricity as well. We teach all people coming in, when they leave they will be able to grow their own food and medicine at home with simple systems and not depend on outside sources. The domes will be for the patients. Please help this dream become a reality. PM if you are interested or willing to be a part of this. Let's bring these domes into the forefront and use them for bringing healing to the sick. Thanks so much!!!

  • @n8randerson Hello, Your project sounds wonderful and we definitely resonate with it. We are currently training a group of students to become instructors and project leaders. Some of them might be very interested to come help with this project! Would there be any possibility to host a workshop on this property? If you have infrastructure and are able to host a group, this would be a great way to get the first dome going. Please reach out to us directly at so we can continue the conversation. Aloha!

  • @n8randerson I have experience building and would love to help your dream come to life! My number is 4048230850. Give me a call!