Air Crete as insulation inside quonset hut metal building?

  • Is this doable to insulate quonset hut with air crete, and if so any recommendations on how? Can you direct me to any place that might help? tks!

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    I have thought about this and I believe you can insulate a quonset. You would have to do it in section with heavy plastic bag and plastic cups. The idea I have is to fill a lot of plastic cups with Aircrete and when it cures glue the aircrete to your quonset roof. This will act as a spacer cover the section with plastic and tape to roof than fill that section 4 feet at a time on both sides a day till you reach the top. And repeat. with out the spacers the aircrete may slump to one side and be uneven.

  • What if I am framing up the walls?
    I'm wondering if I make the aircrete less dense so it's lighter and more insulating, put a board on the outside and pour aircrete in a section at a time. I wanted to get the air krete company to foam it for me but no one local to do it. that company uses magnesium oxide cement. they said portland doesn't work for theirs because it is lighter and insulating. I'm wondering if a magnesium cement would work better with the little dragon product. If I'm able to buy it somewhere??

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    Why dont you just spray normal urethane insulation? It would be faster. Then you can maybe shotcrete or aircrete a light coat over the urethane.

  • @Joe said in Air Crete as insulation inside quonset hut metal building?:

    urethane insulation

    I'm concerned about the toxicity of the insulation. I've read mixed views. Thanks for the thoughts though. Maybe toxicity wouldn't go through with covering. Don't know.??

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    @Missionaries Well. I agree about the toxicity , but it is already in your car, and basically everywhere if you live in a normal wood house or if you have an air conditioning system. You could spray the urethane and then put another shotcrete layer over the urethane and it will be encapsulated between the 2 walls. If the urethane is not constantly being rubbed upon and aspirated , then I dont think it would affect you. Concrete also have to be covered, and breathing concrete powder is not any better. Just my 2 cents.

  • @Joe thanks for your input again. I have been investigating spray foam and am leaning toward it. Many say it isn't toxic after curing?? If you get someone who does the job correctly. I had actually read that portland cement is not very healthy. Don't know if that's accurate?? see article here:; charset=ISO-8859-1

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    Well, no cement is "healthy" for aspiration. When they say healthy or not, mostly they are talking about how concrete production generates CO2 emissions during the process. Megnesium Oxide concrete on the other hand traps CO2 while it cures, so it is considered better for the environment. It is also stronger and lighter so you can make thinner walls, but is it much more expensive and difficult to find,at least here in the USA. Magnesium concrete is what the piramids and other millenial buildings are made of. Remember that you can put another thin layer of concrete over the foam, and then as with any house, you are expected to paint it with several layers of a good epoxy or acrilic paint, that once cured should not exhaust any fumes at all.

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    This will give you an idea of what I was writing before.

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