Aircrete bricks 4 Homestead building projects?

  • I would like to ask if homemade aircrete blocks may be used to build structures such as a garage, a shed, a garden wall? In addition, we hope to convert the basement of a former Barn into an earth-sheltered Greenhouse. We would do this by building a low wall around the structure, up top, on the ground around the space, then adding a greenhouse roof. The basement itself is in pretty good shape on three sides, being made of concrete blocks and cement. One wall, however, is made with stones. This needs repair. Are homemade aircrete blocks suitable for such an application? Would the formula need to be changed? We look forward to using the system to create patio blocks, sidewalks and other creative projects but I'm wondering about heavy duty Construction. any books that might be recommended that we could learn more about this? Thanks very much!

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