Aircrete is collapsing

  • Right, agreed. And I am a bit worried about it. It appears from another thread that he says they have Aquatec custom make that spec'ed pump just for them, which explains why we can't find it. I can't afford to purchase an entire new Little Dragon system from them, parts apparently can't be purchased, they don't seem to want to talk to me about my supposed "warranty" (I've tried writing @hajjargibran )...what is a guy to do? The pump lasted less than a week and was super suspect from jump, regularly stalling foam production for no apparent reason. Usually, running clear water through would get her going again, but eventually she just jammed and was done. I think that magnet was always cracked and finally gave up. $500 paperweight and no more Aircrete. I was desperate, so I thought I would try the closet thing I could get. It looks like the new pump I ordered is actually max 60psi! I'm going to cancel. What would you do in my spot?

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    @MADE I would contact aquatec directly..

    I would hope they would warranty the pump. Domegaia would only be an intermediary in that process if they were involved. At the very least they may point you in the direction of a reseller that stocks the correct pump ;)

  • @kimo Probably where this is heading, but they would be the distributor that actually purchased the pump and has a "receipt" for it, especially if it is a special unit made particularly for them. I don't think there is any way that Aquatec is going to work with me, having zero data, no purchase history to provide. I really need Domegaia to respond to me and help wherever they can. Worse case, sell me another pump if it can't be accessed anywhere else. I can't imagine that I am the first customer ever with a bad pump.

  • Okay, so for any who ever have a pump problem... Tracy at Aquatec is awesome. She contacted Victoria at Precision Installation Products, the Aquatec distributor that Domegaia purchased these propriatory pumps from. I'm shipping the pump back to the distributor and they will arrange a repair or replacement from Aquatec. There is a 1 year warranty and the manufacturing date is actually on the pump, along with the necessary model and serial numbers. These pumps can only be bought through Domegaia. Not even the distributor can sell one to you, although Victoria is going to contact Domegaia and relay a request to purchase a backup pump, to help us keep production going through a tough time like this in the future. Thanks for your input in all this, Kimo. I'll let you know if Cement All is a feasible product for aircrete. It's an awesome material aside from this use, hopefully it's good for this application as well, if a recipe can be figured.

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    @MADE Nice! Great info there! I’m sure you will be taken care of :) I wonder more now than ever what the diy plans called for pump wise? Knowing that the pump can not be bought thru anyone but domegaia I’m curious if they list a substitute pump in the material list?

  • I have not seen where they recommend anything but there own. It would sure be nice if they would make their propriatory pump available for purchase affordably as a single item. As a comparison, I have ebikes that have propriatory batteries to operate. I don't have to buy the entire bike again if the battery needs replacement, for whatever reason. I can just buy a battery from Blix. Maybe this experience will encourage them to do that. Kimo, have you heard of or looked into non-protein based foaming agents, synthetic ones? Such as Aerix Industries' Aerlite or Allied Foam Tech? No collapsing there! I'm communicating with them, hoping I can purchase a small amount for our use, although they normally deal with huge quantities for major industrial projects.

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    @MADE After seeing what the pump really does, I think you could use any pump that can deliver at the required psi. For example, for tig welding equipment radiators, many times I have used a carbonator pump bought off ebay for 40 dollars. Sometimes these pumps goes out for even 10 dollars. They are used in carbonated beverage machines and you can adjust the psi from 0 to 200 psi. Thefunction of the pump is only to bring the water/soap solution to the inlet of the injector, where the air pressure from the compressor makes the foam, using the steel wool as a filter to make the foam. Nothing really to call home about. There are many pumps that can do this job in case you can not find that exact same pump. The problem with exclusive producst is precisely what you just went thru, so many times, it is better to look at the function and find alternatives. Check on youtube, many people have built their own systems. You could even make a gravity fed system if you put that 5 gallon bucket and a considerable high and just let the mixture into the inlet of the injector.

  • @Joe I design my own foam generator and it doesn't even need a pump, just use the the pressure from the air compressor works great.

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    @MADE The pump inside the Little Dragon is currently sold for $125 by DomeGaia here: Replacement Pump

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    @ach2oman Any chance on sharing your "pump-less" foam generator? My replacement pump from Dome Gaia arrives today. If it does not work I will need some alternative.

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