Pre-Inca Stonework and Bag Forms

  • Hi there, I was just listening to your Workshop recording from May 2017 and at the 22 minute mark, using bags for forms for tensile strength was mentioned. The Youtuber 'Ancient Architects' thinks he has solved the mystery of the weird 'knobs' on the base of some stones in Pre-Inca stone work. He thinks they used bags (long since rotted away) to hold concrete and that is both why they have the weird knobs on them (an artifact of the material used to form the bag, and the seams involved) as well as the fact that the stones tend to bulge at the bottom compared to the top of each one, leading him to believe that the initial stone was actually a mix of some kind of concrete. We know the Romans made concrete, it's starting to look like it was around far sooner. In a separate video he states that he thinks the outside layer of the Egyptian pyramids were also made of formed concrete rather than carved stone. Here's the first video I'm talking about; looks like Domegaia may have reinvented the past master builder techniques!

    Youtube Video

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