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  • Hi, have you or your crew have any plans to hold workshops in Australia? Alternatively, is there anyone in Oz, on the Eastcoast preferably, who have built using your technique? We are interested in building a couple of domes on mid north coast NSW so if there is anyone within 600km please give a an ahoy as would love to connect with you :)

  • Hi Jakinta, I attended the Mazunte Mexico workshop in December 2017 and it has taken me a year to get plans through council. I had to have the plans prepared by a structural engineer on the coast who looked at my plans in terms of the likely effects of floods and cyclones, (floods we get in w qld, and high winds but not cyclones). As a result the footings are standard concrete, super reinforced because the domes will be on highly reactive clay soils. I'm further away than 600kms but would be happy to share anything I know with you. I would recommend a workshop however. There's one in Bali very soon.

  • Hi this is Sandii and Gerry we are currently 3/4 of the way into our first dome we live in Bumbaldry near Cowra NSW. The Dome when completed will have a diameter of 7mtrs so not a small one.

  • HI Cowra1 and Noni.

    Please share any content you have of the build and finished houses. Very keen to have a look.

    Would also like to know more about the council approval process. I am considering building one in Adelaide.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @Kwagga @cowra1 @noni How are you progressing?

  • Can you send us some photos and videos please?

  • @Kwagga said in Workshop in Australia:

    @Kwagga @cowra1 @noni How are you progressing?

    Sorry for not answering sooner but have had some personal things to attend to and My Wife just had double knee replacement so we have slowly progressed over the past few months. The Dome is almost closed in at the top, we have made and installed two circular windows and have began to render the outside, We were thinking of not rendering the external structure but in retrospect we decided to go ahead as the render softens the look of the surface and also adds another hardened layer making the structure stronger and more weather proof. We will undercoat it with Dulux texture primer then apply Dulux medium texture to that. Of course the texture paint adds protection, water proofing and a great look as it can be tinted. All these layers of render and paint take time and of course you must wait approx 8 weeks before you can apply the texture coats to new render. This allows us to work on other areas such as bathrooms, toilets plumbing electrical etc all these need to be checked into the walls of the Dome so cut in, install then patch. We have a facebook page detailing our adventures with the Dome building here in Cowra it can be accessed via Moonah and Choc over 50 hippies. request access as usual

  • Sorry stuffed up that address should be....Moonah and grid over 50 hippies

  • @Kwagga
    Council approval issues with aerated concrete.
    When I was considering the dome home I contacted council and was told they’d be happy with any material as long as it was designed by a structural engineer.
    The development approval though was a surprise!
    There is no national building code for aerated concrete so council’s building inspectors won’t do the progress inspections and certifications required at different stages of the build. These include: inspecting and approving the footings before concrete is poured; reinforced concrete floors etc had to be inspected and signed off by the structural engineer.
    For me this would be a huge impost: the engineer is 800kms and two flights each way from Longreach. And three days out of his working week. As a result council has agreed that a local builder can give a verbal report answering the engineer’s queries by phone and we supply photos and videos as required and if the engineer’s happy he’ll sign off on it.
    I suppose the moral is to use your local neighbourhood structural engineer (though that’s what I did).

  • I support the request for photos and videos too! It'd be interesting to look at :)

  • Thanks for the update @noni.

  • @roseyshere1 There are some photos on the Facebook page referenced above. Not many - would love way, way more - but they are there. It is an impressive looking building.

  • Workshop Instructor

    @jakinta what kind of infrastructure do you have to accommodate a workshop of 20 plus people?

  • Don't hesitate to share some pictures. I am much excited to see them. LOL!

  • @Mackenzie8 I have no idea how to post photos on this site. Any instruction gratefully received. We’re still in the footings for the main domes, but have started building straight walls around the pergola, which will become the kitchen. Cheers

  • @noni said in Workshop in Australia:

    @Mackenzie8 I have no idea how to post photos on this site. Any instruction gratefully received. We’re still in the footings for the main domes, but have started building straight walls around the pergola, which will become the kitchen. Cheers

    I think you need more reputation in order to post link, image or videos. All the best!

  • @Mackenzie8 "More reputation" What is that and how do I get it?

  • @noni I positive reviews. Thanks!

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