Topics covered in workshops?

  • I have been wanting to attend one of your workshops for a long time and am very excited to see that you are going to be having one very near my current home in Hawaii. I saw the list of topics you will be covering and it all sounds great. I am just starting to learn about building these types of homes and was wondering if you would be including info on the following:

    1. Permitting (it can be a tough process in Hawaii)
    2. Making a multi-dome structure (connected domes)

    And will there be information after the workshop to take home with us to help us remember what we learned? I'm looking at building next year and would hate to forget the valuable information I learned at the workshop!

  • We're going to be covering a lot of material. There will be some handouts and the workshop will be documented on video.
    No doubt the question of permitting will come up. It's pretty straight forward. Any unconventional structures not described in the code require a stamp of approval from an engineer or architect licensed in the county. This releases the county from liability. Getting a whole new system approved is another thing. We're working with Allan Ruso at the Hawaii county housing dept to help bring our building system to Hawaii.

  • @hajjargibran Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my many questions. I can't tell you how grateful I am. I have wanted to build one of these structures for years and just have so many questions. But it looks like the rest can be answered during the workshop! Thanks again.

  • @hajjargibran What is the status of the discussions with the county officials in Hawai'i? Are you including the Public Works- Building Division in your discussions?

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