So I will be in Seattle Aug. 1st to the 6th

  • I really want to see what you folks are doing when I am there. I would be a late arrival for the last few days or maybe just a one day visitor. Please advise me how I can view the work being done. I have booked a hot glass class months ago and I take the announcement you will be on the Olympic Peninsula as a sign I should come by and see the process for myself. I booked a seminar long ago in Thailand with you but it was canceled. I think you asked about a wagon wheel window for a dome house that rotated to let air in or out? Let me know what the policy is as I am eager to help in any way I can.

  • You might want to contact Debra at Indigo farms, but I'd guess it would be okay for you to stop by as a visitor.

  • Debra's contact info will be posted when we open the workshop registration soon.

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