The best foam agent ?

  • Super new in here and sorry for a noob question but what is the best foam agent ?
    Any idea how dome structure like will "behave" in typhoons country (Philippines) ? Does it need to be reinforce with steel, fiber or smth ?

  • They recommend a product called "Drexel". you can find it on

  • Hi, I just found this site, my be it helps:

  • Yes tx I must have missed this but most of it its not available in Australia (where I live) and its bit pricey to get it from USA .
    I think its a good idea if people from different country can write what sort of local foaming agent they used for their project.

  • @manstain
    Drexel F.M.-160 Foam Concentrate is an agricultural foam marking agent.

    F.M.-160 is a concentrated blend of foaming agents and is for use in foam generating equipment.

    Highly Concentrated

    The highest concentration available. At 160:1, it's twice as concentrated as typical varieties.

    Easy to Handle

    All-Weather Foam Concentrate has a flash point of over 200° F, which makes it easier for you to ship and store. Plus its highly concentrated formula means fewer containers to handle, less storage space, freight, handling costs, empty container disposal and application costs.

    All-Weather Foam Concentrate

    Freeze/ Thaw Stable
    Highly Visible
    Highly Concentrated - 160:1 will not burn turf
    lasts between 30 minutes- 2 hours is virtually unaffected by hard water
    is extremely cost effective

    EXTREME is a concentrated neutral detergent formulated for use as an agricultural foam marker for boom sprays, and can be used in direct drilling operations.
    EXTREME when used according to manufacturers instructions will produce a high quality dense foam which is stable for up to 8 hours

    • EXTREME has a high adhesive factor which resists wind movement on either plant leaves or barren soil.
    • EXTREME is completely water soluble and disperses in hard or soft water.

    Contact this company and get a sample and make some foam at between 70 - 100 gr/lt. Then mix up a batch of AirCrete and test it! You would want to get their produict called EXTREME SDS White as that is a version that makes white foam rather than pink or blue.

    Product name: EXTREME
    Recommended use: Agricultural Foam Marker
    Supplier: Tasman Chemicals Pty Ltd
    ACN 005 072 659
    Street Address: 1-7 Bell Grove
    Braeside, VIC, 3195
    Telephone: +613 9587-6777
    Facsimile: +613 9587-5255

    Tasman Chemicals Pty Ltd
    Victoria: 1-7 Bell Grove, Braeside 3195 Ph: 61-3-9587 6777 Fax: 61-3-9587 5255
    New South Wales: Suite 15, 380 Pennant Hills Road, Pennant Hills 2120 Ph: 61-2-9980 5999 Fax: 61-2-9484 8647
    South Australia: 4/159 Williams Street, Beverley 5009 Ph: 61-8-8243 0644 Fax: 61-8-8243 0622
    Tasmania: 1 Durham Road, Cooee 7320 Ph: 61-3-6432 1988 Fax: 61-3-6432 1989
    Western Australia: 8 O’Connor Way, Wangara 6065 Ph: 61-8-9309 2100 Fax: 61-3-9309 2511
    Queensland: Unit 12/172 Redland Bay Road, Capalaba, 4157 Ph: 61-7-3245 2862 Fax: 61-7-3245 2413

  • @manstain

    Just saw you were in the Philipines.

    You can check with this company and let them know what you are looking for, such as a blend of concentrated foaming surfactants that has a foam stabalizer.

    They may give you some samples to test:

    Contact Person Mr. Ric Capistrano
    Telephone 63-49-5454558


    Post Code4027
    Address15 Missouri St, Calamba, Philippines

  • @FoamAir
    hi Tx for answer
    No I'm still in AU but probably next year Im gonna move to Phi .
    Do you where In Au I can buy this Drexel F.M.-160 Foam Concentrate ? I emailed Tasman Chemicals but they haven't to bother to answer it .

  • Hi All, I just got my gallon of Drexel FM 160 foam agent. I have been experimenting with Ivory Dish liquid and 2x Dollar General concentrate. I got some good looking solid blocks with the Ivory. The Dollar General 2x concentrate made good looking foam but it evaporated quickly and I got horrible crumbly concrete out of it. This Drexel foam makes beautiful rich foam and it lasts a LONG time on the ground. I can tell a difference how it mixes with the concrete. It looks like I will get great block out of it. Stephen

  • Harry has show that Drexel foam is by far the best foaming agent... check out his YouTube video comparing
    Dawn / Seven Generation / Drexel. It was not even close...

    Youtube Video

  • Little Dragon Tamer

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  • I'm a Aircrete Harry fan! Between him and Haijar, my imagination has been awoken! The possibilities are endless. I will be designing my aircrete injector this summer! I will be making some aircrete mushrooms for yard decorations this summer!! Big ones!! HahAHA LOL

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