how do I pump or pour aircrete

  • OK the aircrete is made and sitting in a 55 gal barrel. No how do I get it out of the barrel. A ladle is too slow and tilting the bucket and pouring into 5 gallon buckets is quite cumbersome. How does everyone get it out of the drum?

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    Scooping out 5 gallons at a time isn’t bad at all, once you get to 20 or so gallons left just lift and pour the rest of the batch... really not a huge deal... Adding a pump is just going to make one more thing to clean and go wrong.. aircrete should be about making it more simple ;)

  • @nedlugg
    Wouldn't collapse bubbles? Or start to separate , I worked with pise 30 years ago commercially and had issues with the way you placed the aggregate in forms, grain size distribution got upset.
    That continuous mixer looks good, what about craneing 44gallon drum/ kibble

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    My experience is that it looses some volume if pumped very high at all.

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