Aircrete home AZ- codes and zoning

  • Any info from folks building in the area. (Dome aircrete preferably)
    I went thru the straw bale scene 15 years ago and was able to get county approval.
    I am curious of the local politics regarding codes (more fear than curious!)
    And, am interested in connecting with folks around building and life style of this kind.

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    @sofarsoggood said in Aircrete home AZ- codes and zoning:

    I went thru the straw bale scene 15 years ago and was able to get county approval.

    Wow! Please share your story about that. What steps were required? What challenges did you encounter? Did the county approve your home as an exception, or add strawbale technology into the local codes?

  • @Zander

    That is perfect advice, I opt for living where building codes don't exist, where there is plenty of room to garden, raise bees, and stay away from sheeples.

  • @zanni
    I am looking to find Arizona folks who are leaning about aircrete. I found someone here in Prescott who used AAC aricrete before the production plant moved out. My goal is to find what the options are in various AZ counties to use the Non -AAC aircrete. If there is any interest to share facts and info let me know.
    Greg (

  • @26pt2er
    Hey Im in Prescott and wanting to get into Airconcrete. Are you still planing on building a dome and if so when are you planning on building? Would love to help!

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    I see a geat opertunity here. I wonder if there is any posssibility for a workshop in prescott or in the neighboring village. I am not however yet qualified but damm I want a workshop :)

  • I just bought some land in Navajo county, on the edge of the petrified forest national park. I talked this morning with the county building engineer, and he said that, in Navajo county at least, one must get a certified engineer licensed in Arizona to sign off on the plans before you can build. So I'm currently in the process of seeing if I can find a residential commercial engineer in the state who's willing to look at aircrete and buildings thereof. If anyone has any pointers...?

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    @moonrise Lead the way. Please let us know how it goes with your engineer!

  • I’ve built an offgrid home in Cochise county AZ, the county has an alternative builders program whereby for an extra $500, you can opt out of all inspections and build whatever you want. I built an earthbag home- the walls are earthbag, and the roof is a series of intersecting catenary vaults made from ferrocement. I’m experimenting with aircrete but my well water seems to hard to make lasting foam.

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    @annesley said

    Cochise county AZ...has an alternative builders can opt out of all inspections and build whatever you want.

    This is remarkable. Here is the link to the building code referred to.

    Annesely, it does say that this "does not exempt owner-builders from statewide codes such as the plumbing and fire codes and regulations regarding smoke detectors, nor does it exempt owner-builders from fire codes adopted by fire districts or the County."

    How did you deal with these state codes?

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