Flooding and Hurricance resistant building, can this be build on stilts?

  • I have land that is Coastal ( beach ) are in the Caribbean and I am planing a 'Life Sanctuary' there ( a facility ( clinic) that promotes healthy living with a goal of independence of pharmacy drugs, supporting natural human physiology, learning about nutrition, detoxification, natural side effects free ways of healing ect). This land is prone to floods and hurricanes and buildings are on stilts. I am totally in love with the Idea that the buildings are ECO friendly, off the grid if possible, self sustaining or with minimal energy and I love Dome homes. my question: can these homes be build on stilts? If so, can you show me an example of where this was done before? Can Air-Crete they be hard enough to withstand a hurricane? I know that Monolithic dome homes ( they use different concrete and Re-bars...) have been proven to do so, just wondering if Air Crete and your building methods would be just as strong. If so, I would prefer to go with your company as i love your philosophies, they match what I want to be doing with this clinic.

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