floor leveler?

  • We are looking into aircrete to level the subfloor in our dome. the main floor is built over a basement. I understand that aircrete is much lighter than concrete but I'm still concerned about the weight. Can anyone provide insight into using aircrete as a floor leveler? Very much appreciated!
    (Also thinking about using it for countertops! Anyone with experience with countertops?)

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    Depending on the density of your "recipe" Aircrete is said to be self leveling. It is far more "fluid" i.e. able to "flow" than standard concrete. I am planing to do this with the floor to my dome structure I am soon to start.
    I incurage you to read the Aircrete information on the Domegaia web sight. I did almost all my research there. You will find there that it is stated that Aircrete is not suitable for any surface which will incur lots of foot traffic or movement of furniture and such. However it is a great floor if surfaced with an inch or two of concrete, wood floor, tile etc.
    For me the greatest benefit is the insulation, waterproof, self revealing aspects. A counter top could be made if you surface it with something appropriate (thank you for that idea). Do some research, test then share. Help this community change the world. All mankind has the right to affordable housing.
    GOG BLESS your journey.

  • @anthonydjones thanks a bunch! Yes our thoughts are to use aircrete below hardwood. My concern is the weight but I’ll get to reading!

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    @kasykd Aircrete is as light as you mix it. But do read on.

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