Looking for someone to come to Costa Rica in Aug, 2018

  • Hi
    I am helping putting a workshop together for a community in the Manuel Antonio area. We are planning a 1 month course that will focus on Permaculture training and building a AirCrete structure. We will pay for your travel, food, room, and a fair salary!
    You must be able to lead the AirCrete part of the workshop. Speaking Spanish is a plus.
    The plan is to schedule the workshop from either new moon of July or Aug for 1 cycle. Please send me a email telling me about your experience, how much experience you have, what you feel a fair salary is for 1 month and any other relevant info you would like to include.
    Thanks everyone, looking forward to hiring someone!

  • Little Dragon Tamer Workshop Graduate

    Hi Gogee,

    My name is Sergio, I am Spanish and I am currently living in Tulum, Mexico.
    I studied with Dome Gaia in Baja California and I am now building here in the Riviera Maya. A few months ago I completed my first project, which is a home made of two domes. I now started a second project - another home, made of three domes. I will be busy completing this project until the end of June 2018.

    I am very interested in your offer, as I am thinking of running a similar workshop in Thailand next year. The idea is to offer a workshop to build an AirCrete dome sauna. It would be great to work with you and learning more about developing such projects.

    Please let know your thoughts, I would rather start is July because I might be in Italy at the beginning of September for a wedding. I am free on Sunday for a Skype call and I would be happy to e-mail you pictures of my current and past projects.

    Thank you,