Need help in Colorado

  • Hello all. I would like to have an aircrete dome built in Colorado. Any body capable and interested? Please contact me at


  • @timeworks
    Hi Sheila!

    I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy during this crazy time! My name is Nathaniel but I usually go by Nat. I am currently finishing a dome in Burlington, Colorado. This is my first time using aircrete and earthbags. I built up with the earthbags and then connected an aircrete dome on top. I am finishing the stucco and adobe, I should be completely finished by April 15 or so. After that I am looking for a project to do. I have aircrete making tools and about 5,000 feet of 18 inch polypropylene continuous bags, so I am ready to build a lot more!! If you are interested I can send you some pictures of the dome so far and I also have basic blueprint drawings of several house designs that I want to build in the future. You can reach me through email or on WhatsApp my phone number is 720-725-4175. Have a great day!


    Btw; I tried to email you but it wouldn’t send, I kept getting an error message.

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