Super cheap and ultra concentrated soap. DIY

  • Hey guys. While reading some comments in a youtube video somebody suggested the recipe to create your own foam solution by diluting sodium lauryl sulfacetate (SLSA) with water. I did a solution. I test it. I liked it but I realised that instead of using water I could use the Seventh Generation dish liquid soap (2 cups) , heat it up to 140F aprox and dilute 9 grams!! of SLSA. The results were amazing. After letting it cool. The soap became super concentrated and thick. I lost about 3 oz of soap due to evaporation. Link is for a video of the soap.

    This is an amazing help for people like me which live in an island or territory with restriction of buying Drexel or any other concentrate.
    Here is a link of the whole album with some photos and videos. Read the comments in them.

  • Hello:

    I have been using this method for a while now and I love the results. I'm wondering if anybody out there is making their own concentrated soap?

    Now a days I'm mixing 1 teaspoon of SLS with 2 cups of seventh generation soap. I heat the soap in medium heat for a couple of minutes then I add the powder SLS and mix it well. Let it cool and boom you got super concentrated soap.

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