Garage Shed Patio?

  • Hi Friends. We just purchased the little dragon. I am very enthusiastic about this equipment and love the work that Dome Gaia is doing. However, I/we, my husband and I, I know virtually nothing about aircrete Construction. We would love to build a dome sometime in the near future but for this summer and fall we really need to put up a garage and do some other building projects with blocks. We would also like to create patio stones for an outdoor patio. We live in northern lower Michigan where the climate is very cold, we are in one of the very coldest areas of the state. We have a lot of snow and whatever we construct will be at least partially under snow for several months of the year. Just wondering if anyone out there has use the aircrete method in a climate like ours to construct a garage for example? A shed? A block wall or supporting wall? Can it be used to make slabs for the roof on a shed, for example? Does anyone know of a good book or an online resource that we could study to learn more about this? Thank you so much.
    Kim Taylor

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    @Kim-Taylor This forum is one of the best online resources currently available. Try the search feature and see what happens. YouTube is another good resource. I like your concept of starting with simpler projects. Building a dome house with materials and tools you've never used before isn't always the best idea. So many applications of aircrete are unexplored or undocumented. I suggest doing a YouTube search for "aircrete". Here are some videos about the Johnson's patio in the northern snowy region to get you started.

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    Here are some YouTube playlists that I have created recently. Please let me know if these links work or not. This is my first time attempting to share a YouTube playlist.

    Aircrete Applications
    Aircrete Basics
    Aircrete Laboratory
    Aircrete Dome Workshops

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